Red Sark Zemerik

Zemerik - The leader of the Sark with an Electric Whip for combat. He also has the ability to turn Red Zurk to his command, but not when a Red Sentient is nearby. Zemerik's head can operate independently when separated from his body. His vehicle is the Zelix which can deploy blades made out of dark matter and project its own Electro-Whip. He emphasizes logic and considers organic beings inferior. Originally built to lead a Red Sentient Army, Zemerik betrayed his master and had him locked away in the Krypt Zone. He and Zug manage to survive Krytus' fury after he is released, as well as giving BF5 the coordinates to find the other members of the Red Sentient 5. Currently, he, Zug, and some Zurk are the only Sark not under Red Sentient control as Krytus has taken over the Sark Homeworld. Due to a time paradox, it is revealed that Zemerik gained free will after Vert was sent back in time and uploaded a virus, which allowed Zemerik to betray Krytus and turn the Sark blue. Presently, he has no memory of Vert Wheeler during that time (possibly due to a side effect of the virus).




Zemerik and the Zelix






Red Sark Zemerik

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