Sherman Cortez and Spinner Cortez - The teams tactical and technical support. A pair of brothers who serve as the teams brains and brawn. Spinner is the older, shorter brother, acts immature, and has expert computer hacking skills and hand-eye-coordination. Sherman is the younger, taller brother, is strong, more level-headed, and intelligent. Spinner has a fear of germs, while his brother Sherman eats pizza off the floor. Spinner also enjoys picking on Zoom's age. In Episode 6, they temporarily switched positions because Sherman was blinded by a Flash charge. In Episode 11, it is revealed that Sherman also watches the Sci-fi series Vlandor's quest just like Zeke. Their relationship as brothers is similar to that of Kurt and Mark Wylde (who were on different teams in both Highway 35 and Acceleracers.) In episode 16, when Zemerik forces Spinner to play a videogame-like program to understand human ingenuity, Spinner displays his skill at video games. His gamer ID is TAWannaGenius. Their vehicle is the Buster Tank (also called the Buster). The Buster Tank has a targeting system named The Shermennatter 3000 Targeting System.


Serman and Spinner with the Buster



Sherman Cortez


Spinner Cortez