Sage - A female Blue Sentient and the team's advisor. To survive, she draws power from the Mobias Command Center. She generally refrains from entering BattleZones as it not only weakens her, but erases part of her memory as well. She can turn into a small cube to hibernate and appears to be the only Blue Sentient not in stasis. She can do a single combat move which is an electric shock power. Later, Sage upgrades her systems and gains the ability to laugh and possesses a 'human-friendly' sense of humor. In season one's finale, when her memory was restored, she regained the ability to modify Battle Keys. She also has a weak telepathic link to Krytus. In season one's finale, she revealed Krytus, an evil Red Sentient, is her twin brother who seeks revenge on her for freezing the majority of the Red Sentients and Zemerik for betraying him. Sage is shown to be in charge of most of the Hub's systems and has access to the vault on her own. She was also responsible for creating the virus that Vert used to give Zemerik free will in the past.

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