Krytus- is Sage's evil Red Sentient twin brother who possesses high amounts of strength, the ability to form blades from his hands, and can control the Sark and turn them Red. He created Zemerik to lead his army, until Zemerik turned on his creator and imprisoned him in the Krypt Zone. Because they are twins, Krytus and Sage share a weak telepathic link, which Sage is able to use to locate Krytus. As the team leader, he is the counterpart to Vert and frequently pursues him in battle. His vehicle is the Syfurious which is equipped with large, exposed blades. He also made "re-spawn" chambers for him and his team so that if any of them are destroyed, they will revive in them. He was released by a Diad when he put a shattered fragment of Krytus into a portal below the Hadron Link.

Krytus and the Syfurious