Sherman and Spinner Cortez's vehicle is the Buster Tank (also called the Buster), a blue, six wheeled Tank-like vehicle that is armed with a spinning turret of chain-maces that can also rotate the cockpit 360 degrees, giant retractable mace-spikes on the sides, a special vehicle ramp on the back that is used to help launch the other team's vehicles when in battle, an afterburner for extra thrust and an automated targeting system named the "Shermanator 3000 targeting system". It can also fire various projectiles and is built for ramming.

Sherman and Spinner's Buster Combines with two other vehicles.

Sherman and Spinner Cortez's Buster

Agura Ibaden's Tangler ATV Smashclaw
Sherman and Spinner Cortez's Buster Tezz Volitov's Splitwire Shatterbolt